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Sales and Marketing Jobs in Malaysia

Sales and marketing executives undertake research and develop marketing and sales strategy for their companies. It's their mission is to devise and implement sales-boosting marketing strategies. Relationships are also maintained, sales data is collected, and sales and marketing executives create performance reports. With JobsPivot, you can find current and high-paying Sales & Marketing Jobs in Malaysia.

Top Sales & Marketing Jobs in Malaysia

While sales focus on one-time transactions, marketing tries to earn and keep clients for the long haul. Both have the same goal of raising a company’s revenue, but their functions and methods are very different. In its most basic form, sales refer to exchanging goods and services for money or money’s worth. On the other hand, marketing is an umbrella phrase that refers to a series of activities that begin with market research and end with customer pleasure. Here is a list of Sales and Marketing Jobs in Malaysia

Sales and Marketing Manager Jobs in Malaysia

A sales and marketing manager is in charge of identifying and developing new marketing opportunities and planning and executing new sales strategies. To accomplish the company’s operational goals, the sales and marketing manager will supervise both the marketing and sales employees and undertake managerial functions.

Junior Sales and Marketing Jobs Malaysia

As a junior marketer, you will be responsible for developing and implementing marketing programs that include social media, email marketing, landing page creation, and blog writing.

Regional Sales and Marketing Administrator

Creating regional sales plans and quotas in line with corporate objectives is one of the roles of a regional sales manager. Assisting store managers with the day-to-day operations of their stores. Taking stock of the store’s and individual’s performance.

Sales Marketing Public Relations Jobs Malaysia

PR entails engaging with your target market to raise awareness of your company, build and manage its reputation, and cultivate customer connections. While marketing is concerned with advertising actual items and services, public relations is concerned with raising awareness, changing opinions, and changing behavior.

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Sales Marketing Job Description

Professionals in sales and marketing discover the most effective methods for attracting clients and generating income for their companies. While they are both important aspects of a company and work together to achieve a common goal, the sales and marketing departments have distinct goals and processes. A business degree, such as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, can help people prepare for a successful job in sales or marketing. Those interested in a business career should look at specific roles in each domain to see which one best fits their personal and professional objectives. Sales and Marketing jobs in Malaysia include researching and developing marketing strategies and opportunities and planning and developing new sales plans. And there is a good Sales Marketing Job Scope in Malaysia. Find Sales/Marketing Jobs in Malaysia easily with JobsPivot.


1. Is marketing and sales a good career?

Every element of life necessitates a good persona. As you gain more expertise in sales and marketing, your personality will continue to evolve. So, over time, your sales profession pays well and assists you in becoming a better person.

2. What does a sales and marketing job do?

Jobs in sales and marketing involve promoting and selling a company’s products and services to potential customers. Writing or designing ad campaigns performing product demos, and negotiating sales contracts are just a few of the professions and responsibilities you might do in sales and marketing.

3. Which country is best for sales and marketing jobs?

The best global cities for sales and marketing jobs are Singapore, Tokyo, London, the United States, China, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, etc.

4. How much is the salary of a sales and marketing manager in Malaysia?

The average sales and Marketing Salaries Malaysia is RM 61,556.