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Manufacturing Jobs in Malaysia

Manufacturing occupations involve creating new goods from raw materials or components. These jobs are normally in a factory, plant, or mill, although they can also be done at home if things are made rather than services. Manufacturing occupations employ various techniques and methods to turn raw materials, components, and parts into completed products that meet customer quality, cost, delivery, and safety requirements. Find current Manufacturing Job Vacancies in Malaysia with JobsPivot.

Top Manufacturing Jobs in Malaysia

Manufacturing is a large area with several different job titles covering many responsibilities. Manufacturing is manufacturing new items from raw materials or pre-assembled components. Manufacturing occupations may require mechanical, physical, or chemical transformation to generate these unique goods. Manufacturing plants and factories require more than simply production line workers. Employees in various positions, including management and quality assurance, are necessary for a successful operation.

Engineering Manufacturing Jobs in Malaysia

Manufacturing engineers may be responsible for solving production problems, conducting cost-benefit assessments, or designing and manufacturing goods and systems using computer-aided design software. Plant engineers and process engineers are two terms used by professionals in this industry.

Pharma Manufacturing Jobs in Malaysia

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is making pharmaceutical medications on a large scale in the pharmaceutical industry. A succession of unit activities, such as milling, granulation, coating, tablet pressing, and others, make up the medication production process.

Cable Manufacturing Jobs in Malaysia

The cable manufacturing industry provides career opportunities to engineers, machine operators, and those producing cables. Experts in computer-aided design, cable manufacture, and sales are also employed in the business. The cable manufacturing business is expanding.

Paint Manufacturing Jobs in Malaysia

Selecting and mixing coating paints to the desired color, preparing spraying equipment such as cleaning or adjusting spray guns, willingness to take direction from the area lead and follow that direction, and being a self-starter when not working under direct supervision are all essential duties and responsibilities.

Manufacturing Factory Workers Jobs in Malaysia

A factory worker does a variety of jobs at a factory. Factory workers may use machines to produce a variety of goods. They may also work on product assembly or sort, check, and pack things. An industrial worker may have a set work area or be assigned to various jobs.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Jobs in Malaysia

A pharmaceutical company, often known as a drug company, is a business that is licensed to research, develop, market, and distribute medications, most typically in the healthcare industry. They can sell both generic and brand-name drugs.

Electronics Manufacturing Jobs in Malaysia

An electronics engineer specializes in designing and constructing innovative electrical devices and equipment. This can include developing applications for existing electronic devices, designing software and computer systems for devices, and testing new electronic equipment to verify it functions properly.

Food Manufacturing Jobs in Malaysia

Farmers and other agricultural producers are linked to customers by workers in the food processing business. They transform raw fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, and dairy products into finished goods that grocers and wholesalers may sell to consumers, restaurants, and institutional food services.

Production Job Vacancies in Malaysia

Job production can be traditional craft production by small businesses, such as making railings for a specific house, building/repairing a computer for a particular customer, or making flower arrangements for a specific wedding. Still, large businesses use it as well products are frequently interchangeable. Lineworkers, planning managers, engineers, product testers, packagers, and shipping agents are employed in a manufacturing facility or warehouse. Production work in the entertainment industry comprises many administrative, technical, and manual labor professions.

Textile Manufacturing Jobs in Malaysia

Textile job labor comprises various designing tasks such as embroidered thread work, cotton fabric finishing, hand embroidery work, and other functions that highlight the fabric’s beauty. However, manually searching for it takes a long time.

Manufacturing Manager Jobs in Malaysia

Manufacturing managers are in charge of the facility’s day-to-day operations. All of the operations involved in the production process are coordinated, planned, and directed by them. Production managers might oversee a specific component of the manufacturing process or manage an entire factory.

Industrial Manufacturing Jobs in Malaysia

Industrial jobs are mostly concerned with the manufacture of industrial items. This includes transporting raw materials to a plant, manufacturing things, storing finished goods in a warehouse, and exporting the goods to clients.

Manufacturing Job Description

A manufacturing job entails manufacturing new products from raw materials or the physical, chemical, or mechanical assembly of various components. Large-scale manufacturing is possible for products like phones, vehicles, computers, and food and beverages. Skills required in manufacturing jobs are Continuous improvement, fabrication technology, welding technologies, machining, product design, corrective and preventive actions, quality management systems, good manufacturing practices, and computer-automated technologies.

Manufacturing Jobs List is very wide and includes many sectors. Find current and high-paying Manufacturing Job Vacancies in Malaysia with JobsPivot.


1. What are 5 careers in manufacturing?

Here is a quick list of careers in manufacturing Assemblers and Fabricators, Bakers, Dental Laboratory Technicians, Food Processing Occupations, Food Processing Operators, etc.

2. What are the best places to find manufacturing jobs?

A hiring solution is available to competent individuals that make locating the top employment in the manufacturing industry simple and quick. At JobsPivot, you can locate the greatest jobs in this industry.

3. Is there a high demand for manufacturing?

Manufacturing is still a vital component of both developed and emerging economies. Business executives and policymakers face new opportunities and problems due to this sector. Manufacturing has always been a competitive industry, with multinational manufacturers vying for top people to expand their firms. This industry generates a lot of job opportunities every year.