Electrical Jobs in Malaysia : Top Electrical Jobs Malaysia

Electrical Jobs in Malaysia

Electricity keeps the globe running in today's digital age, from basic home maintenance to the more intricate traffic lights, transportation, and technology systems that keep our cities functioning. Electrical engineers are the inventors and designers who construct and maintain these systems, working on everything from the power grid to the microchips within our smartphones and smartwatches. Search for Electrical Engineer Jobs in Malaysia or Electrical Engineering Jobs in Malaysia for Freshers at JobsPivot.

Top Electrical Jobs in Malaysia

Electrical Job Description includes installing electrical apparatus, fixtures, and equipment for alarm and other systems and executing electrical wiring plans for well-functioning lighting, intercom, and other electrical systems.

Electrical Technician Jobs in Malaysia

Assembling, evaluating, testing, and maintaining electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, and apparatus are among the tasks of electrical technicians. Troubleshooting and fixing broken equipment, devices, and machinery. Using hand tools and specifications, construct and fabricate items. Find Electrical technician jobs at JobsPivot.

Electrical Engineering Jobs Fresh Graduates

From electric motors and navigation systems to power generation equipment and the electrical components of automobiles and personal devices, electrical engineers design, develop, test, and oversee electrical equipment manufacturing. Search for Electrical Engineering Jobs in Malaysia. Find the best Electrical Engineering Company in Malaysia at JobsPivot.

Electrical Designer Jobs in Malaysia

Electrical circuits and system architectures for electric power distribution are designed and developed by an electrical designer. An electrical designer’s tasks include building electrical panels and supervising a team of document control personnel responsible for locating and organizing facility maintenance drawings.

Electrical Maintenance Jobs in Malaysia

Maintenance electricians are in charge of keeping a building’s electrical system in good working order. They must inspect the premises regularly, perform routine tests, make repairs, and, if necessary, replace bad wiring. They may also be required to replace the building’s electrical appliances.

Electrical Engineering Lecturer Jobs in Malaysia

They teach students who want to be an electrical engineer in the future. Electrical engineering is a promising career for young professionals.

Electrical Manager Jobs in Malaysia

Electrical Managers or Supervisors plan and schedule projects, estimate time and materials, manage subordinates, keep track of records and files, and write reports. Plan and supervise electricians’ jobs. Plan and budget for electrical projects. Keep track of electrical jobs and assign them to the right people.

Electrical Estimator Jobs in Malaysia

You will be responsible for determining the electrical cost for the project as an electrical estimate. You will also be accountable for effectively understanding and interpreting blueprints. You should be able to work with the contractor to figure out how much each electrical component will cost.

Electrical Draftsman Jobs in Malaysia

Most electrical drafters focus on developing detailed wiring diagrams used to establish and maintain electrical systems in everything from machinery to power plants to massive structures. They work closely alongside architects, engineers, and technicians. They determine functional requirements and project specifications, examining sites to generate estimates for materials and determine power needs.

Auto Electrical Jobs in Malaysia

Auto electricians are experts at installing and maintaining electrical systems in automobiles. Car electricians work mostly for auto service centres, where they install, examine, repair, and maintain all of a vehicle’s electrical components.

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1. How much do electrical engineers make in Malaysia?

The average Electrical Engineer Salary in Malaysia is RM 44,142 yearly. Electrical Engineer Salary in Malaysia is RM 3,092 per month.

2. Is electrical engineering a good career in Malaysia?

Electrical Engineers are in high demand in Malaysia. As this country continues to develop, electrical engineering is a field that will continue to expand to keep up with the nation’s growth.

3. Is electrical engineering in demand in Malaysia?

Electrical engineers are always in demand as the world is powered by electricity and other forms of energy. Electrical Engineers are associated with developing, testing, and inspecting electrical equipment in various industries.

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