Customer Service Jobs in Malaysia : Online Customer Service Jobs

Customer Service Jobs in Malaysia

The Customer Service Representative recruits new customers by addressing product and service queries and recommending additional items and services. To guarantee customer satisfaction, process orders, prepare communications and respond to customer queries. The responsibilities of a customer service representative include opening and maintaining customer accounts by recording account information and maintaining financial statements by processing client changes. They assist customers with complaints and inquiries, provide product and service information, collect orders, and process returns. They are sometimes considered a sales function since they assist consumers in understanding the goods and answering inquiries regarding their reservations. This post will go through the Customer Service Job Description and tell you how to get a Customer Service Job Part-Time.

Top Customer Service Jobs in Malaysia

Customer service positions are essential for every flourishing firm in any industry. There are several career opportunities available for people looking for Urgent Customer Service Jobs in Malaysia. We will highlight the Customer Service Job Scope to assist you in finding what you are searching for in a new position. Continue reading to discover more about Full-Time Customer Service Jobs in Malaysia and how to get hired.

Customer Service Officer Jobs in Malaysia

Customer service Officers serve as a company’s face, interacting directly with consumers to answer their queries and give more assistance as needed. A customer service officer’s major responsibility is to answer a wide range of client inquiries and requests via the phone, in person, or on online platforms such as social media. They assist in developing, presenting, and implementing policies and procedures to ensure that company customers have a positive experience when using its services.

Jobs in Malaysia for Customer Service Manager

To run a customer service center, a competent customer service manager must have the technical competence and interpersonal abilities. A Customer Service Manager is a professional in charge of providing excellent client service by managing and inspiring their staff and establishing loyalty programs to boost customer satisfaction. One of Malaysia’s most secure Freelance Customer Service Jobs is that of a manager.

Online Customer Service Jobs Malaysia

Online customer care professionals provide a critical link between businesses and their customers, addressing consumer inquiries and promptly resolving product or service concerns. You must apply for Home-Based Customer Service Jobs in Malaysia to work as an online customer service representative. Customers are frequently contacted by online customer support personnel via e-mail and online chat boxes.

Customer Support Executive Jobs in Malaysia

The primary purpose of a Customer Support Executive in this function will be to supervise each employee’s performance and deliver high customer satisfaction to consumers. They are in charge of communicating with consumers and professionally reacting to issues.

Remote Customer Service Jobs Malaysia

The role of a remote customer service agent is to handle inbound and outgoing calls professionally and courteously, following client rules and guidelines. Their qualifications should include customer service expertise, ideally in a telemarketing/customer service context. They should be able to communicate in a clear, professional, and positive manner.

Telemarketing & Customer Service Jobs in Malaysia

A high school diploma or similar is often desired. However, it is not necessarily required. To be successful in this profession, you must have excellent customer service abilities. Furthermore, a Telemarketer must reach monthly sales targets. Thus, a strong will to succeed is required.

Hire the Best Customer Service Representatives in Malaysia

Keeping clients satisfied is an essential component of every business growth plan. Your frontline customer service personnel are at the heart of our initiative. JobsPivot assists you in your search for Jobs in Call Centres and Customer Service. Find current job openings in Malaysia for Full-Time Customer Service Jobs and Freelance Customer Service Jobs.


1. What is the highest paying job in customer service?

Customer service positions are essential for every flourishing firm in any industry. There are more career options in the customer service profession than you would imagine. A high-paying customer service position is that of a Bank Teller, Account Coordinator, Call Center Representative, Client Service Manager, and many others.

2. What is customer service job salary?

In Malaysia, the average income for a Customer Service Officer is RM 28503.

3. Why do I get hired in customer service?

Working in customer service allows you to interact with consumers, solve problems, and assist others. A person must have a high school diploma, a general education degree, or an equivalent to be hired. They should be familiar with computers and have prior experience dealing with customer service. They must always have a cheerful, compassionate, and professional approach to consumers.

4. Is customer service a good career?

Customer service is an excellent profession. Because customer service representatives can enter the sector with any level of experience and background, it is erroneously labeled as a “backup career.” But, after product and sales, customer service is at the heart of a company’s success, making it one of the most important positions you may perform.

5. What are Customer service average salaries in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, the average income for a Customer Service Officer is RM 28503.