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Saxonia (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

About Company:

We are an established manufacturing centre located in Malaysia which specializes in the manufacture of precision textile parts and components for textile machinery. The company is a part of KERN-LIEBERS Germany, an established worldwide supplier of precision parts and components for automotive, textile and consumer goods, with over 50 locations worldwide.


Saxonia Malaysia is located in Klang, Selangor D.E., with a workforce of 150 workers and staff. We are a world leader in the manufacture and supply of guide needles and sinkers for warp knitting textile machinery. Our products are of the highest precision, quality and standard, and is exported worldwide. The company started operations in 1995, and has seen continuous expansion and growth ever since.


We strive, not just to maintain, but also to improve continuously in the development of our personnel, technical expertise, quality, lowering cost & increasing productivity.    


Due to expansion we seek suitable candidates with proven track record in engineering, plant & equipment maintenance, tool & die making, metal fabrication, ISO or the sciences to join and to strengten our current team of experts.

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